My house by Georgie

My house is a Victorian house and has white bricks. It is a very big house which doctors or rich people would live in, in the Victorian days. My room is in the attic and so is my brothers who’s room is next to mine. My room is painted blue, turquoise,purple and pink it is very colourful. I have a metallic purple door and radiator. Back to my house, my house has a back yard and a front yard the front yard is smaller and has lots of flowers and the back yard has lots of flowers in pots as the floor is concrete. In my street all the students live there and there are not many families. We have two corner shops on each end the one nearer to my house is more expensive than the one much further down. Is it annoying when students have parties? Yes it is especially when you are going to sleep, but you get used to it.


Football match by Amel

I was very sad to see the end of season football training at Newcastle United Long Term Development Training Centre at the end of May. However to my biggest delight I was so lucky to be picked as the only one from my group to play U’9, but we had three teams(U’8,U’9 and U’10) against Sunderland Elite Squad at Sunderland. So last Monday I had to be there at 5pm for half an hour training and kick off was at 5.30. I was so exited as it was my first match against Sunderland Elite Squad and we played 3 games and we won all of them. I have scored 2 goals and I had excellent header which Sunderland goalkeeper has saved.This was my best day since I have started playing football and this wasn’t the end of my excitement a few days after I was invited again to join Newcastle United LTDT course which starts in September ends in July!

The Opposite World By Georgie

Hello this is a story about everything being different than usual. Can you guess where fish lived? That’s right fish lived on land no matter what type, oh and also whales and dolphins lived on land. Now can you guess where birds lived? There nests under ground and they under water. Humans had to swim all day but there wasn’t much room in the water as you can imagine because all the land animals lived under water so they had to squish up. Water animals would have a lot of room because they couldn’t swim on land. Now let me tell you how this happened. Well one day the animals that are usually under water where watching the humans do terrible things to the planet like spray paint walls and building huge estates on forests. So they coudn’t take it any longer, so Mr.Fishy (a fish) decided to attack the humans but the problem was he couldn’t swim on land so that is how all the sea animals got stuck. The humans however wanted the sea creatures to stay on land as they couldn’t do anything about it if they were stranded on land eventualy the humans got sick of climbing over whales and tripping over dead fish. So they decided to go to the water but when the sea animals had died they would go back to land and throw them into the water. Now Mr Fishy couldn’t stand being on land like his relatives but he knew who did enjoy being on land and that was the humans. But the humans hated it in water because some babies died because they couldn’t swim and they drowned. The humans had to make houses under water and they made steps going up so they could breath air now and then.

Cancer Run by Amel

On Sunday morning I done the Cancer run. I had to wake up at 9:30 because the Cancer run starts at 11:00 and there’s going to be a big quew of cars. My number on my shirt was 5468. We where the first people out of Hotspur people to be there. We couldn’t find any of the people of Hotspur who were doing the Cancer run. 15 minutes later Harison’s mam and Harison also Harisons sister thound us. She brought us where hotspur people where. Mr Luke and Mrs Bently where a bit late but I found them and I said “They down here”. A couple of minutes later we lined up in the qew and we waited. When we where at the front of the line this guy called us to line up. Mr Clark and all of our mums and dads were watching us from the side. This guy blew something. when the race started me and Harison stayed together for the full thing because we where best friends. We had to go frew muddy pudles(The puddles were squidgy) and when Harison and me went in one It was so deep but it didn’t look like it was when you looked at it. Harison chited because he took the shortcut when you where not Sappho’s to. But I still caught up to him. We had to go frew the woods and go past where the horses ride. I came second. It usually takes 1 hour but I done it in 55 minutes. At the end they gave us a medle and gave us cookies,crisps and a Cheese roll all for free. And that was a very very fun day!! :)

Bat in my house! by Kai

One night my Dad came home after a night at the pub. He seen a Bat and he screamed his head off he was so scard it woke my brother up, and my brother had to duck it was flying so low. Then the next night, Me and my brother and mam went down stairs to let the dog out side. But my brother went in the living room and  something fluw over his head but mam told him off cause she was scared then she waled in the living room and she seen it so she ran in the hall leaving us in the room with the bat. So she opend the door to let me and Jay and the dog then we went to bed and the next morning we found the bat and set it free in heaton park and we saw it flying around.

What I want for my Birthday! By Amell

My birthday is on the 30th of Jullay.


1. One fing that I want is new football boots that look like

2. The second fing I want is a phone that is called Blackbary. Her’s a picture of it.blackberry

 3. The 3rd fing I want is a pair of toms that are white. Her’s a picture of

4. The 4th fing I want is a Man City football top. Her’s a picture of it.Man city football top 2013.

5. The 5th thing I want is a ball. Her’s a picture of it.Football ball 2012.

My best friend by Georgie

My best friend is called Neusha she is the best friend anyone could ever have. She always looks after you when you are feeling down and even if you feel as happy as you could ever be some how she makes you even more happy. She always invites me to play and gives me gifts and that doesn’t matter if a friend does or not it’s just a nice thing to do. We will never brake friendships because we are perfect for each other!

Good job! By Neusha

Hello Class 12
Great job in class and the blog I’m realizing that you guys are putting extra effort into commenting and writing your Cinderella story’s! Great blog posts they’re really enjoyable and fun exiting.  Keep up the good work and be good little pupils. I like that I’m seeing you guys work extra hard!

What I need and want! By Neusha

What I want and need is a candyfloss machine but I cant find one under £100. Its a pain but one day when I earn money I’ll get one then I’ll sell candyfloss but I’ll get free for myself and friend! Then there’s a money making factory so I’ll be rich and  I’ll get a  mansion. Although one thing I alway will and would want  eight extra lives! Overall  this is something I need to do is stay best friends with Georgie! :)

Lovely friends by Neusha

Hello I have lovely friends because they are so kind and caring. My best friend ever is Georgie and I would never want to break our friendship. I’m Georgie’s friend because she is always there for you and never makes you sad and that’s a quality friend. And my other friend Klaudia, we can have fights but overall shes pretty, kind and generous she shares and gives. Followed by Hannah she funny, lovely and fun to be around with she is one of those friends that helps you in any situation. i

Meerkat love by Klaudia

Once upon a time in the light and vast cave,lived  a young and beautiful meerkat named Lily, she had pink furry fur. Lily lived with two horrid sisters,they were really mean to Lily, Lily had to do all the house work for them. They were called Pat and Piella.


The day of 12/6/2006…

A thin letter came through the post

“Lily the postkat is here” yelled Pat, Lily opened the post letter up and when she looked at it she screamed at the top of her voice,because they got three tickets to Justin Meerkat.

“What is it Lily are you trying to pop my ear drums” screamed Piella

“we we”

“give me that”

Pat and Piella grabbed the letter, they started to jump up and down, then Lily joined in, but they stopped

“what are you joining in for you’re not going”  they both said horribly

“I hate you two ugly ugly!” by the time she could fininsh she slammed the door to her cave room. Pat and Piella started to laugh horredly.


Tuesday ten minutes till Justin Meerkats concert…

” Lily clean the sandy kitchen and what evers durty” said Pat

Piella started to scream

“were are my my, oh doesn’t matter”

bang they slammed the door. Lily started to sob when suddenly…


Poof a beautiful colorful snake appered, Lily started to wonder who that was.

“Lily my dear i’m you’re fairy godsnake” said the beutifull snake furmily,

“you’re my my”

“yes you’re fairy godsnake, now i’m hear to help you get to the handsome Justin Meerkats concert”

the fairy god snake slowly lifted her wond

” buble pop sugar cane turn that lizard into a beautiful horsey,”

Lily ran to get the most beatiful shoes that her meermum gave her.

“Lily be back at 12’oclock, remeber Lily remeber”

Lily jumped on to the horse and calleped away to Justin Meerkats concert.


Lily araved and Justin Meerkat just finished favourite meerkat, then as he appered on the stage he started to sing one less lonely meerkat, a meerkat cam over to Lily and said come with him so she followed him, but she know she was going to be the one less lonly meerkat, when Lilly was sitting there and Justin Meerkat was sining to he, the clock sturck 12, Lily ran and ran when suddenly she lost one of her shoes. When she got home she fell asleep straget on her bed.


The next day…

Knock knock

” Lily open the door” shouted Piella, Lily opened the door Justin Meerkat was standing there

“exuse me i’m looking for my,one less lonely meerkat so please can you try on this shoe”

Pat and Piella barged in front of Lily. Pat tryes it on but her leg is to fat, Piella tryes it on but her leg is too big

“what about you” said the Justin Meerkat furmly

“ha her haha” said Pat and Piella,

Lily tryes it on and it fits

“it ‘s you I shall get married to you”

and they lived happily ever after!

Cats in the baken compertion by Jennifer

Once upon a time, there lived a black and white cat called Bobby. He lived in a dark streets. He saw two evil cats. One of them are called Alfie, he is so chubby and minuscule . Bob is so overweight and so immense. Bobby hated them both they was so mean and horrible.

One day Bobby got an invetion to the baken compertion. Bob and Alfie got an invertion too. Then Bob and Alfie went to the baken compertion and Bobby could not go. Suddenley a god mother apeared called Amy she helped Bobby of doing a spell.                                         “Bubble bubble give some Bobby some bubble

Suddenley Bobby got sent to the baken compertion. There was the two ugly cats there and a prince. The prince was nice looking. The baken compertionlast at 12am till 1pm. Everyone stares at the prince and Bobby. Bobby was dancing with the nice looking prince. It was past 1pm she had to rushed home when she was going down the stairs one of glass slipper fell off.

When Bobbys glass slipper fell off her paw. The prince picked it up and had a look at it .”This glass slipper looks like it fits Alfie” he said then he went to the flat,it took 5mins to get there. When he got there it was about 1:30pm

He knocked , Alfie opended the door

“Who are you “

“the prince”

comin in

” Why have you got a glass slipper?”

“because I am checking if this fits any of you”

” It is myn” said Alfie

So then he tried it on it was too small so then Bobby came down the stairs she tried it on it fitted her perfectley and they lived happilye ever after.

100 Word Challenge by Georgie (Why you should come to class 12)

You have to come to class 12 because it has kind people and everyone is friends. Another reason is that we have loads of fun things like: cusions, teddys, a tent (our pet fish) and loads more. We also have fun lessons but it still helps you learn new things.

Another reason is that we get to teach each other and that really helps because when you are teaching another child you know if it will be boring so you can make it fun. Mr M knows loads of ICT things and you get to make your own wonderful website.

Outdoor week by Jo

This week year 5 had outdoor week so year 6 could have peace and quiet in the unit for SATS. Hope yous done well year 6! OK here’s some of the fun things we did on outdoor week. Our class room was a tent, I was in a group called Team Tents with Patrick, Brandon M, Corey, Ellen. Some of the fun things we did were tree hugging (yes we hugged a tree well I did) we toasted marshmallows on a bonfire. We worked on the allotment we did so many fun things it would take forever to list them all. I’ve got one question for everyone did yous enjoy outdoor week? I know I did. :) 😀

My poem by Georgie

Colours, colours, colours all over the world,

colours, colours, colours even on birds,

colours, colours, colours all over the house,

colours, colours, colours on a grey mouse,

colours, colours, colours in the deep sea,

colours, colours, colours even on me!



What have you learnt from outdoor week? By Georgie

Here is a quiz to see what you have learnt from out door week, if you have done something similer before then please comment with the answers or tell a story about your thing that you did that was similer:

1) When you are putting a tent up what is the first thing you do?

2) How many diffrent types of tents can you have? e.g two man.

3) What would hit the ground first out of a peice of paper scrunched up or a normal tennis ball?

4) What would happen of you made a peice of art work made out of leaves and berries and you left it outside?

This final question isn’t for the quiz it’s more to see if you had fun!

5) How many people did you have in your tent and was it fun?




What do you need now! By Amel

 BBANG! Someone knocked on the door. Just as Ben went to open it he herd the smallest worse ever. When he looked down it was a small mouse! He picked it up and put it into a box. Ben ascked  him “Do you want to come to the shop’s with me” the mouse said “Yes “. When they got to there Ben asked the mouse “Do you want to help me get the food” he said “Yes” Ben said to the small mouse can you get me apple’s. Mouse said “Now what do you need” nothing said Ben. So they went back home, went to sleep.en. So they went back home, went to sleep.

The long train (Part one)

PEEP PEEEEEEEEEEP! as it had just struck 12am and the long train had left for london at least by one day. “This is going to be bigger then the titanic”

“As if it will callum you will wish on till 3031 for your wish to come true” complained callums asistent joel. Nobody wanted to miss watching the train leave on it’s voyage there was three tickets left to buy or win. Tim was a caffee owner next to the train station so his branch is so busy he could be a trillan air. Tim thort to him self “me and my wife and child could go to london nown in two hours then I better hurry up” “must go then!”
please can you do the end of my story in 80 more word’s and I will make it for my story ending please get bloging :) 😀

Climate cobs by Jennifer

On the 10 of may class12 and 11 were learning about climate cobs. Some people came in and talked about electricity and how to safe the planet. And at the end of the day we prizes we got stickers and a note book you are busted. And Betty and Jude got a touch because they won at activaty. It is like a excitecs thing.

The three little mice by Kieren

Once upon a time in the and dark woods there where three stubin mice called Josh,Frank & Bob. Josh was the smart one Frank was the cool one & Bob was the cuddly one. And the mice where going to build mouse houses. Bob was going to build his out of straw then 2hours later it was finished then came out a cat then Bob quickly ran into his house then the cat said “come out and have some dinner” said the cat “not by the hair of my ear ear ears” said Bob  “well i will scratch your house down and the cat scratched it down and Bob ran away. And Frank builded his house out of sticks and when he built his house the cat appeared again and Frank went into his house and the cat said “Come outside for dinner” “not by the hair of my ear ear ears” well I will scratch your house down and the cat scratched it down and Frank ran away. And Josh built his house out of bricks then the cat appeared then Bob and Frank ran in whith josh “stay away” said Josh then the cat tryed to scratch the house it didnt work “I will come back” said the cat. THE END